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Tobias Ringborg

  • Conductor
  • Violinist


Tobias Ringborg press reviews

Scottish Opera - Cosi fan tutte 2009

"There was nothing fashionable, or unfashionable, about this stylish, virtuoso production. Happily, there was also a virtuoso conductor, Tobias Ringborg. The overture exploded into a harum-scarum chase, without a glance over the shoulder, and this triumphant refusal to be cautious marked the whole opera, with the artists carried along on the flood. There were also perfectly poised slow tempi; "Soave sia il vento" flowed gently and serenely, the Tyrrhenian Sea glistening in the background."
Raymond Monelle, Independent, 4 May 2009

"What really sets this production apart, though, is the explosive tonal world explored by the Scottish Opera Orchestra. Directing from the fortepiano, Swedish conductor Tobias Ringborg draws unfathomed richness and passion from Mozart's meaty score. Like everything else in this probing production, fresh ideas abound."
Kenneth Walton, The Scotsman, 1 May 2009

"Tobias Ringborg’s brilliant conducting – full of arresting voices, tempo choices and dynamic inflexions that make you feel the ink could still be drying on Mozart’s score."
Andrew Clark, Financial Times, 30 April 2009


"There's excellent playing from Tobias Ringborg..."
BBC Music Magazine, March 2000

"The 30-year-old Swedish violinist Tobias Ringborg gives a vehemently expressive performance, his soaring, rich tone perfectly judged..."
The Strad, August 2003

"...excellent control of his instrument. The notes are completely in tune, musical attacks are precise and vivid... the playing was direct, insistent and impressive."
Washington Post, February 1995

"The solo writing is brilliantly virtuosic, giving Tobias Ringborg the opportunity to really show off his technique."
Classics Today

"Lovers of a big, resonant violin sound will not be disappointed..."
The Strad, February 2000

"His performances demonstrate a maturity of interpretation that belies his 21 years, and his 1745 Guadagnini violin is shown off to great effect..."
The Strad, June 1995

"Tobias Ringborg is a violinist of real merit, bringing a passionate commitment to his excellent playing."
Sunday Tribune - Dublin, Ireland, February 2000

"His intonation is faultless and he has a formidable technique."
The Strad, February 1998

" ...Ringborg was not a physically demonstrative soloist; but the shifting expressions on his face more than made up for saucy glissandi, plucked quadruple stops, ethereal harmonics or heartbreaking melodies poured from his venerable fiddle."
The Times Record - Brunswick, Maine, July 1996

FURTHER REVIEWS (Translations:)

"Kilström and Ringborg in flowing, strong interpretations... Together the three recordings render more than three hours of Emil Sjögren in some of the best interpretations one can find on CD's".
("Kilström och Ringborg i flödande, starka tolkningar... Tillsammans ger de tre skivorna över tre timmar Emil Sjögren i några av de bästa tolkningarna man kan hitta på CD.")
SvD, January 2005

"The young Swedish violinist, who has made himself a name as a virtuoso performing romantic works for the violin, knows how to display the treasure of this old music in all its facets."
("Der junge schwedische Violinist, der sich durch Aufführungen von romantischen Violinwerken als Virtuose einen Namen gemacht hat, wird dem Reichtum dieser Alten Musik in vollem Umfang gerecht."), August 2000

"In the first movement... one could admire Ringborg's complete mastery and the exquisitely beautiful tone he could tease out of his instrument".
("I första satsen... kunde man beundra Ringborgs fullständiga behärskning och den sköna ton han lockade fram ur sitt instrument.").
Upsala Nya Tidning, November 2005

"Tobias Ringborg and Anders Kilström are excellent musicians and can hardly be surpassed in their recordings of the complete works for violin and piano by Sjögren".
("Tobias Ringborg och Anders Kilström är excellenta musiker och kan knappast överträffas i sina inspelningar av all musik för violin och piano av Sjögren.")
GP, September 2005

"A warmly expressive and yet fine tone, a flawless double grip technique and the courage to phrase fully, permits Dvorák's Violinconcerto to come to life in all its power."
("Ein eher kleiner, aber dafür warm expressiver Ton, eine makellose Doppelgrifftechnik und die Muße zum Ausphrasieren ließen Dvoráks Violinkonzert in all seiner Leuchtkraft entstehen.")
Nordwest-Zeitung, October 2004

"The Swedish violinist Tobias Ringborg surprised with his mature interpretation of Brahm's Sonata in D Minor, which was one of the high points of the festival." ("Svenske violinisten Tobias Ringborg överraskade med sin mogna tolkning av Brahms' d-mollsonat, som var en av festivalens höjdpunkter.")
Helsingin Sanomat, Helsinki, March 1997

"Ringborg has a wonderful, lyrical and expressive violin-tone... and the finale develops into child's play for Ringborg who combines brilliant technique with gentle Kreisler-elegance. Superb!" ("Ringborg har en underbart, lyrisk slank och uttrycksfull violinton...och finalen utvecklade sig till en barnlek där Ringborg kombinerade glänsande teknik med mjuk Kreisler. Superbt!" )
Svenska Dagbladet, March 1996

"Wonderfully varied tonality, an engaging presentation, a total involvement and a temperament that is not Swedish..." ("Underbart variationsrik tonbildning, medryckande spelsätt, helhjärtad satsning och osvenskt temperament...")
GöteborgsPosten, February 1995

"Passion seems to guide him... A complete, spiritual and genuine musician" ("Passionen verkar leda honom... En fulländad, spirituell och ädel musiker.")
Libre Belgique - Bryssel, October 1995

"Now the question is if young Tobias Ringborg... will not fulfil the hopes for a Swedish violinist of world format." ("Men nu är väl frågan om inte den unge Tobias Ringborg... kommer att infria förhoppningarna om en svensk violinist i världsklass.")
Svenska Dagbladet, June 1994

"An exceptional technique, [and] a soft, flowing tone which did not exclude a powerful rendering when the music demanded it." ("Makalös teknik, [och] en mjuk, smidig klang, som när musiken så krävde inte uteslöt en robust återgivning.")
Oberbadisches Volksblatt - Baden-Württemberg, Germany, January 1996)

"Crystal clear Tchaikovsky." ("Kristallklar Tjajkovskij.")
Dagens Nyheter, May 1994