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Tristan Perich

  • Composer


New York-based Tristan Perich is inspired by the aesthetics of math and physics, and works with simple forms and complex systems. The challenge of elegance provokes his work in acoustic and electronic
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In 2004 Tristan Perich began work on 1-Bit Music to experiment with the foundations of electronic sound, culminating in a physical "album," a music-generating circuit packaged inside a standard CD jewel
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Tristan Perich press reviews Tristan Perich: The Tinkerer By Jesse Jarnow Tuesday, Jun 10 2008 - The Village Voice A tech-savvy artiste crafts sonorous alarm-clock symphonies Tristan Perich's most visible
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Tristan Perich recordings / discography Cantaloupe label 1-Bit Music Songs Certain Movement [ MP3 ] Gilgamesh Drumb The Action of Being Primitive Repeat Her On The Mayflower Electrophysical Cradle Song
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