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Zoltan Kocsis

  • Composer
  • Conductor
  • Pianist


Zoltan Kocsis press reviews

“Zoltán Kocsis is known, in particular, for Bartók and Debussy. But he is an all-purpose pianist, and musician, who can play virtually anything to immense satisfaction.
Mr. Kocsis has a first-class technique
and a first-class musical mind.” New York Sun
“Especially in this evening’s repertoire, Kocsis really has it all. Technical problems
don’t exist for him; he never shows off or descends to cheap flamboyance, but anyone who knows these piano parts can only react with amazement to his fearless personal interpretation of such musical questions as how fast such indications as Allegro molto (for the final movements of the first two concertos) and Allegro vivace (to close the third) really mean. Even when he had already zipped into some passage work that went like the wind, with pellucid clarity and transparency, he sometimes couldn’t resist
injecting a final fillip of accelerando just to make things even more exhilarating
and almost unbearably exciting.” Musical America.comARTISTS