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The 5 Browns

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Pioneer Press, July 2009 Excerpts from: Concert review: Five Browns Transcend Cliché with Sheer Talent By Rob Hubbard Special to the Pioneer Press July 31, 2009 “...But the novelty would wear off quickly if the group didn't have the talent to back up their packaging. And they proved to a near-capacity crowd at Minneapolis' Orchestra Hall on Thursday night that they're continuing to improve both individually and collectively.…” “...Starting with the opening movement of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony could have been eye-rollingly cliched, but it turned out to be a great showcase for the quintet's interplay and disarmingly simpatico sense of rhythm. And three movements from Gustav Holst's ?The Planets’ found emotional layers that many orchestras miss, smoothly segueing from the chillingly erratic final shots of ?Mars, the Bringer of War’ to a dreamy ?Neptune’ (featuring plucked piano strings and wordless vocals by two of the Brown sisters) to a reverent hymn-like conclusion to ?Jupiter.’... ” Kerrville Daily, May 2009 Family and ivory The Daily Times Published May 6, 2009 It’s what happens when brothers and sisters stop fighting and learn to play nice with one another. Desirae, Deondra, Gregory, Melody and Ryan Brown, otherwise known as The 5 Browns, are a quintet of classically trained pianists. They also are siblings. And on Tuesday they came to perform at the Cailloux Theater as part of the Kerrville Performing Arts Society’s Concert Series. The group performed a KPAS outreach program for area elementary school children in the morning before giving a full concert at night. “We all started at about age three,” said Ryan Brown, the youngest. “I think I saw my older brother and sisters playing and thought that would be cool.” One by one, the Brown children, who now range in age from 30 to 23, took up the piano. And as they began to fight over practice time, their parents eventually purchased four more pianos. The pianos followed the siblings to Juilliard, where they honed their talents for tinkling the ivories. They all trained as soloist before teaming up for their first album and tour in 2005. Their self-titled debut album spent eight weeks at the top of the Billboard Classical chart. Since then, the musical siblings have released two more albums, an autobiography, traveled the globe and made numerous national television appearances. “There has never been much sibling rivalry actually,” said Gregory Brown. “I think, if anything, we inspire each other.”