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My Musical World Setup

1. Create/Edit my page

You can create and edit your bio, press reviews, repertoire, discography information. You can also include links to the web sites/pages containing information about you: your personal website, your youtube videos, your management, wikipedia articles, etc.

There are several ways you can create your Artist Page:

–  By typing your information using MusicalWorld powerful visual editor

–  By copying and pasting the information from your favorite word processor, like MS Word, etc.

–  By copying and pasting the information from the websites, like your personal website

TIP: MusicalWorld uses one of the most advanced visual editors. However, in rare cases, certain formatting, frames, tables used in some word processors and/or websites may not be fully compatible with the MW editor. High resolution images may need to be adjusted.  


Both ABOUT and BIOGRAPHY sections contain your biographical information. We suggest that you make ABOUT section shorter (just a few sentences) and include the most important information about you.

BIOGRAPHY sections, thus, is a continuation of your vita with the detailed biographical information.

TIP: Try to begin both ABOUT and BIOGRAPHY sections with your full name (ex. “John Smith”). Use your full name as often as possible, instead of just “John”, or “he”, “she”, “Mr. Smith”, etc.   

3. Photo upload

Should you wish to change your photo later, just select your new photo and upload it. It will be automatically replaced, no need to delete the old photo.


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